Miss Jessi Faye

British Isles. German. French. Native American. Turkish. Persian. Finnish. Volga-Ural. Video games. Star Wars. Camping. stars. Poetry. Denver. Lipstick Lesbian. Cartoons. Comic books. passionate. Reggae. Hiking. cliff Diving. R&B. Culture. Metal. Legos. Piano. Silent Films. comedy. Charlie Chaplin. living room forts. climbing. mythology. Documentaries. psychology. hypnotizing. conspiracies. History. driving. lingerie. Oysters. champagne. second breakfast. drunk make out sessions. Love. Music. Dita Von Teese. class. Vanity. scary stories to tell in the dark. intimate energies. tattoos. messy twister(paint). Osiria Roses♥ .Jayus. van Gogh. jewelry. Sunsets. Italian food. Love notes. Traveling.

Though, I do beg to have my body at complete surrender to yours, for you to have me as you please. I always have a smile on my face because of you♥ doing things I never done and its just crazy to have someone take it from me like that. Pushing my boundaries & im enjoying every moment. All I can think about now is whats next? Im not a freak im just curious. Knowing im the best girlfriend ever just makes me wanna keep going.

Friend: Dude you’re high

Me: No, I’m doughded

Me? A good girl?

Been told two times in a row that im a good girl. Hmmmm im in the mood to do something naughty. My love needs to roll through already!


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(via fluoridefreezone)